WINTER CLOSING【2020/12/16-2021/2/19】

☆Winter Closing☆

Thank you for supporting us always.
Now the season we have snow so our rental bike shop is closed during the winter as above.
Hope people have fun with much snow this winter -just seeing snow from the window is also good, having some hot coffee, chatting with family and friends, in the warm house.

You know, we have to say 2020 is the very difficult year in history for all, but we might be able to say bikes have been more recognized as a usefull gear or activity that gives fun and physical/mental health even in the pandemic.
In a daily life, you can commute by bike avoiding crowded train and stressful traffic jam and it’s more healthy than using some public transportation or driving cars.
When you are off from work and have enough time to go out, and you should keep your safe, biking is really good way to feel like having an exciting travel while keeping a distance to crowd. After cycling, you will realize you are refreshed because the cycling gave you fun time and an opportunity to exercise at the same time.

Are you be aware of the above already? Then you’re lucky to know how to make your life better.
Pedal forward!

Happy christmas and all the best for the new year.
We staffs are looking forward to seeing you the next season!

【Regarding Business Days during Winter Closing】
★Reservations of the new season will be accepted from January 4th in 2021.

★During the winter closing, our business days are on weekdays only.
※We’re off for New Year’s 【2020/12/29~2021/1/3】and every weekend during the winter closing so we will reply you on weekdays if we get email or online reservation while we’re off. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards, all the staffs of BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE

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