Information about Promotion of Bike Rental for Local Residents【until December 14, 2021】

★This promotion restarted from October 8th.[Updated on October 8th]

Thank you for your supporting us always.

We have a good information for those who are living in Shiga.
Some of you may remember the same information was announced last summer as well and yes, Shiga local government again budgeted for “Promotion of Bike Rental for Local Residents” and it starts from July 1st.
We will join it so that our guests who are living in Shiga can use it.

Q. Are you living in Shiga? (Please show us your residence card at the reception on that day)
Q. Are you going to use our rental bike by mid-December?

 →If your answer is YES for both the above questions, you can use our bike 50 % OFF the regular rental fee!(*Except for Paid Option).

★Please note that the promotion is valid until December 14th , and there is a maximum limit for discount according to the rental period as follows.

■1 DAY   2,000 yen
■2 DAYS 4,000 yen
■3 DAYS 5,000 yen

The total fee on online reservation would be the regular fee, but 50 % OFF discount will be applied to the total fee which should be paid on that day.
・To use this promotion, the specific application form is needed for each person. Please take your time to fill it out.
・We might take more time to recalculate applying 50 % off discount.
・For a group, please pay together if possible in order to go on the reception smoothly.

Please let us know that you live in Shiga when making a reservation. We will prepare the application sheet for you.

It’s a big chance to try BIWAICHI cycling if you have not experienced it yet.
Of course you can cycle anywhere else than lakeshore or just take 1-day-cycling. There are a lot of places to explore in Shiga.

Have a good cycling!

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