Winter Closing 2022-2023 [2022/12/14 – 2023/2/17]

☆Winter Closing☆

Thank you for supporting us as always.
Soon the season we could have snow coming, so our rental bike shop is closed during the winter as above.

How was the 2022 for us?
We would say it is much better than 2021 and 2020, because we could have more guests including guests from abroad finally in late autumn!
Moreover, the local Shiga government set a specific day for “Biwaichi Day” on November 3rd, and “Biwaichi Week” for the following week. Over the “Biwaichi Day” and “Biwaichi Week”, we had a lot of cycling events around Lake Biwa and other area in Shiga, in which you can get special local food for cyclists, you can join special cycling tours, or you can join ride events. In addition to the fact that you can fully enjoy the autumn leaves in November as its peak season, these events will make your bike trip more fun! If you missed them this year, then come to join us next November!
We are sorry that we have to close the shop for a while meanwhile more travelers would visit Japan, but winter is not for cycling. Should have fun in great ski resort in Japan. And don’t forget the wonderful spring season would be coming after winter with the fantastic Sakura blooming view! So, see you then.

Wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.
We are looking forward to seeing you next season!

【Regarding Business Days during Winter Closing】
★Reservations for the new season will be accepted from January 9th in 2023.

★During the winter closing, our business days are on weekdays only.
※We’re off for New Year holidays & break 【2022/12/29~2023/1/9】and every weekend during the winter closing so we will reply you only on weekdays if we get emails or online reservations when we’re off. Thank you for your understanding.

We update our Instagram and Facebook even during winter closing so please check them out and follow us!
➡Official Instagram @biwacycle
➡Official Facebook @biwaichirental

Best regards, all the staff of BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE

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The Rainy Season Promotion 2019 Now !

The rainy season promotion will come again this year!

We have provided this unique promotion every rainy season, since customers looked fun and got excited with rolling a dice.

In the rainy season, the condition becomes a little difficult for cycling. So, we arrange this promotion for those who would try to cycle despite of the rain. We would like them to pump up their motivation by getting a free service or a present as follows!

Let’s enjoy!

★ This promotion period is limited in the rainy season from June 8(Sat) to July 19(Fri) in 2019★


Special 1: Get a present or free option service!

●Let’s roll the dice !

➡You will get one of six services or presents! We prepare one service or present according to the number of the dice.

You might get a service of “500 yen OFF the rental price”, if you’re lucky!(depends on the number of dice!)


Special 2: Fender for free !

●Usually our rental bikes don’t have a fender.

➡When you use our rental bike and it’s rainy, we attach a fender to your bike for free.


Special 3: Cancellation fee becomes free when it rains.

➡Only during this promotion, the cancellation becomes free only when the reason is the rainy weather.


⇩The view of plum blossoms algae blooming in Jizogawa river, that is flowing in Samegai Town, where is 5 kilometers to the east of Maibara station. A good spot worth visiting by bicycle!

⇩So pretty flowers in clear water.You can see them only in summer season.
    About the flower ➡

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