SUMMER FUNRIDE 2022 – Cycling tour to Kawachi Wind Cave –

          ~ Let’s take a day bike trip with us! ~

Cycle to “Kawachi Wind Cave”!

Here’s the information about “Fun Ride”,in which you guests and we staff enjoy cycling together!

We will cycle for Kawachi Wind Cave in Taga Town.

Summer is coming.. let’s enjoy the COOL nature to cool off!
Here’s 3 ways to cool off during the Fun Ride.
1. Explore into a mysterious & fantastic wind cave.
2. Enjoy a yummy shaved ice!!
3. Cycle along the crystal clear river in the mountainous area.
– then perfect to refresh yourself!

Since we staff cycle with you, you can cycle easily without getting lost.

I’m interested in riding a sport bike.
I want companions who enjoy cycling together.
I’d like to get more information about cycling route to explore local area.

If you are thinking like the above, why don’t you hang out with us!?

・11 aged and over
・A person who will follow our instructions

June 19(Sun), 2022

10:00 am – 3:30 pm

■Meeting Point
JR Maibara station east gate

JR Maibara station

Kawachi Wind Cave
Cafe Kazamidori
Restaurant Yumeutsutsunoya
JR Maibara Station

■Ride Distance
32.3 km

*Please prepare the budget for your lunch, etc.

■Rental Bicycle
If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent a bike from us.
Please let us know that at the application, if you’d like to rent one.
(Cross bike:5280 yen / Road bike:6380 yen )

■What to bring
・Bike & Helmet(Wearing helmet is necessary)
・Clothing for outdoors

■Number of Participants
Maximum 10 people

■In case of bad weather..
We make a decision according to the weather forecast two days before that day, and let you know if the event will take place or not.

■Our Wish
This is just a ride event in which both we and participants enjoy cycling easily. It’s not an official paid tour, so we won’t get insurance. Thank you for your understanding.
・Please get insurance by yourself, if you would like to do.
 ➩Recommended insurance: 1DAY Leisure Insurance by LINE(500 yen ~)

For an application, please let us know the information below via email, phone, or Instagram/Facebook message.
●Phone number
●Email address
●Rental Bike / Use or not
★Application deadline★ ➡June 17(Fri)

■Application and Inquiries
Phone:090-3863-8453 /

↓Let’s enjoy such a great shaved ice!

↓Definitely worth visiting! Get a COOOOL!!

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The Rainy Season Promotion 2019 Now !

The rainy season promotion will come again this year!

We have provided this unique promotion every rainy season, since customers looked fun and got excited with rolling a dice.

In the rainy season, the condition becomes a little difficult for cycling. So, we arrange this promotion for those who would try to cycle despite of the rain. We would like them to pump up their motivation by getting a free service or a present as follows!

Let’s enjoy!

★ This promotion period is limited in the rainy season from June 8(Sat) to July 19(Fri) in 2019★


Special 1: Get a present or free option service!

●Let’s roll the dice !

➡You will get one of six services or presents! We prepare one service or present according to the number of the dice.

You might get a service of “500 yen OFF the rental price”, if you’re lucky!(depends on the number of dice!)


Special 2: Fender for free !

●Usually our rental bikes don’t have a fender.

➡When you use our rental bike and it’s rainy, we attach a fender to your bike for free.


Special 3: Cancellation fee becomes free when it rains.

➡Only during this promotion, the cancellation becomes free only when the reason is the rainy weather.


⇩The view of plum blossoms algae blooming in Jizogawa river, that is flowing in Samegai Town, where is 5 kilometers to the east of Maibara station. A good spot worth visiting by bicycle!

⇩So pretty flowers in clear water.You can see them only in summer season.
    About the flower ➡

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