June-July Special Promotion about Return Option Plan!

Thank you for supporting us always.

Although it’s already the middle of June, we will carry out a new promotion available only in June until July 15(updated on June 27) as follows.

➡The Return Option Fee becomes FREE only in the case the return date is set on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and the return spot is set at Hikone Rental Cycle Megruinko.

For example/When making a reservation online;

Pick Up Date: Monday / Pick Up Spot: Maibara Cycle Station
Return Date: Tuesday / Return Spot: Hikone Rental Cycle Magurinko*

*Normally, it costs 3300 yen as the return option fee, but it’ll be free only in June until July 15!
★If the return date is set on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and the return spot is set at Hikone Rental Cycle Megurinko, the return option fee is charged.
★If the return spot is set at somewhere else except for Hikone Rental Cycle Megurinko, this promotion is not applied.

We know you would like to plan a cycling depending on the weather.
We’re sorry if you would give up your two or more days cycling from Monday due to our closure(you can’t return bikes if we’re closed), although it’s predicted the weather of the first half of the week is good.
So we suggest you will use this promotion to make your plan easy.
We’re waiting for your reservation!

If you have any question, please feel free to ask us below.


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