Information about GW – Rental Fee & Return Option –

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*NOTE about Rental Fee

Due to the period of peak demand(Golden Week 2023 >> 2023/4/29-2022/5/7 <<), the weekend price is applied to the rental fee for May 1st (Mon)and May 2nd (Tue), even though these dates are weekdays.

★ May 1(Mon), May 2(Tue)

*NOTE about Return Option

Regarding Bicycle Return Options, it’s not available during Golden Week.

Because we would like to provide as many bikes as possible to users, as it’s the highest season and there will be a lot of use.

★During GW from April 27(Thu)to May 7(Sun)★
➡ “Bicycle Return Options” UNAVAILABLE

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you.

Hey, spring is around the corner!
Here’s the place called “Kaizu-Osaki”, which is famous for Sakura trees all along the lakeshore of the peninsula.

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