Event Information -“MAIBARA Autumn Fes Ticket”-

★This coupon expires on December 13th. Please use it by that day if you have one★

Explore local Japan life in Maibara by personal fun ride!

We have a new event this autumn, “MAIBARA Autumn Fes Ticket”

-What’s the concept?

We would like many people to know how wonderful Maibara is, to cycle, to stay, to live.
Usually we plan a cycling event in autumn, in which participants can enjoy local food, beautiful nature, wonderful view, and communication with local people, while cycling around. However, it’s difficult for us to do the same thing this year, so we planned an alternative event and this is it.

We prepared a special coupon which can be bought for 1000 yen and can be used as 2000 yen coupon [a book of 4 tickets].
【NOTE】The coupon was sold out on September 16th, thanks.

You can use the coupon at only 20 shops, restaurants, and temples in Maibara, where you can enjoy local good food, activities, seeing temples and the garden, seeing autumn color leaves, learning local life history & cuture, and buying some unique goods. Cycling with the coupon should be visiting a lot of local places and that will make your cycling more joyful. Our wish is you would find your favorite place in Maibara and come back there again. This coupon is just a opportunity we can give you.

Have a wonderful time in Maibara.

-How to use

1. Get the coupon on either below;➡SOLD OUT(Sep, 16)
A) Get it online ➡ Sports Entry
B) Get it at our shop ➡ Maibara Cycle Staion
It comes with a brochure of map & shop list(Japanese only)

2. Go to Maibara and use your coupon while cycling!

・Change will not be provided.
・This coupon can be used only at the specific 20 places on the shop list.
・This coupon can be used only during the period of “MAIBARA Autumn Fes Ticket”, from September 12th to December 13th, 2020.
・This coupon can’t be exchanged for cash.
・Resell is prohibited.
・One person can only purchase up to 2 books of this coupon.

-Shop List

1. 麻心(Magokoro)-Local food restaurant(Soba noodle, Keema Curry,etc.)
2. 久次郎(Kyujiro)-Soba restaurant
3. 佐々木文具店(Sasaki Bungu ten)-Stationary Shop(Stationary goods, and sometimes cafe)
4. 伊吹薬草の里文化センター(Ibuki Yakuso no sato Bunka Center)-Ibuki Cuture Center(Local herb goods shop, Herb Garden, and Herb Onsen)
5. 的場たたみ店(Matoba Tatami ten)-Tatami/Japanese straw mat Maker(Making Mini-Tatami Workshop)
6. はれと休日(Hare to Kyujitsu)-Workshop Cafe(Handicraft workshop, Space for taking a break)
7. グリーンパーク山東(Green Park Santo)-Camping site & Outdoor activity Park(Galmping, Camping, Accommodation, Onsen, Sports & Play Park, etc.)
8. 徳源院(Tokugenin)-Tokugenin Temple(Japanese garden, beautiful autumn leaves)
9. 柏原歴史館(Kashiwabara Rekishi kan)-Kashiwabara History Museum(Historical building, Historical exhibits, etc.)
10. 喫茶柏(Kashiwa)-Local food restaurant(Soba boodle, Udon, Japanese sweets,etc.)
11. ローザンベリー多和田(Rosa & Berry Tawada)-English Garden & Park(English Garden, Shaun the Sheep Garden, restaurant, goods shop, etc.)
12. 近江母の郷(Omi Haha no sato)-Road station(Restaurant, Parking lot, goods shop, etc.)
13. 醒井水の宿駅(Samegai Mizu no yado eki)-Road station(Restaurant, Cafe, goods shop, etc.)
14. 醤油屋喜代治商店(Shoyuya Kiyoji shoten)-Soy sauce Maker & Shop(Soy sauce made by traditional method, Soy sauce flavor ice cream, etc.)
15. 醒ヶ井養鱒場(Samegai Yoson jo)-Samegai Traut Farm(Fishing Park)
16. AJITO(Ajito)-Soup Curry restaurant(Soup Curry)
17. 青岸寺(Seiganji)-Seiganji Temple(Japanese garden, cafe, and beautiful autumn leaves)
18. Cafe du MBF(Cafe du MBF)-Bakery & Cafe(bread, sweets, coffee,etc.)
19. 北新豆腐店(Kitashin Tofu ten)-Kitashin Tofu Maker & Shop(Tofu, Soy Milk Pudding, Soy Milk Cannele, other Tofu food)
20. BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE -Rental Bicycle Shop(Road bike, Cross bike, Kids bike, and other optional itmes)

MAIBARA Autumn Fes Ticket Official website(Japanese only)

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