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Maibara Cycle Station

We strive to provide expert advice and service for your bicycle adventure!

It is not only enjoyable to ride around Lake Biwa, but to also have enough time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and amenities along the way.
Cycling is freedom! Since you can do what you want, you must be responsible for time management and planning your routes accordingly.
Our rental bike shop will support your Biwaichi to the fullest with expert bike maintenance, advice for navigating difficult routes, and bicycle
return options for beginners.

  • Expert Bike Maintenance

    Our highly qualified bike technicians provide professional safety
    maintenance before you embark on your bicycle journey,
    ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

  • Beginners Welcome!

    We want to spread the joy of cycling to beginners!
    Sport cycling for the first time can be a little intimidating.
    We will adjust the saddle position perfectly for you, and teach how to ride politely in order to give you the confidence to enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Provision for No Flat Tires

We are putting a lot of thought into avoiding flat tires, the natural enemy of a cyclist.

We utilize puncture resistant tires, layering of rim tape, and proper air pressure
adjustments to prevent flat tires so you can travel worry free.

Sometimes there is no way to avoid flat tires. To remedy this, we rent inner tubes,
tire levers, and flat tire repair kits.

1 Day Bike Rentals

Generally, beginners who wish to ride around Lake Biwa rent our bikes for 2-3 days. In addition, we have day rental plans so that customers can enjoy cycling in Hikone and Nagahama as well. Rental days are flexible depending on the customer’s cycling plan.

From cycling beginners to advanced riders

Anyone who wants to ride a sports cycle for the first time, even those who have their own bikes, should come to our store empty handed! We are waiting for you with satisfying bike brands, maintenance quality, and excellent customer service.

Providing a Wide Height Range

We provide cross bikes ( Heights 145-190 cm), road bikes ( Heights 150-190 cm), and kids bikes (120-150 cm).
We await you with a perfectly sized bike for you to enjoy a safe and comfortable Biwaichi.

Famous First-Class Bike Brands

Our bikes are made by world famous first-class manufacturers such as

We Organize Biwaichi Tours

We organize Biwaichi tours with expert tour guides and efficient planning for Biwaichi routes.
Sample Package for BIWAICHI
For Beginner 【Around North Lake : 150km】
START&GOAL : ★Maibara / 2 Nights 3 Days
For Intermediate【All Around Lake Biwa : 200km】
START&GOAL : ★Otsu / 2 Nights 3 Days
Previous Tour Dates
Around North Lake /150km/Travel Agency/24pax Inbound tour(from Taiwan)
Otsu-Makino/130km/Travel Agency/7pax FAM trip(from Germany & Taiwan)
Maibara-Imazu/50km/Shiga Prefecture/3pax FAM trip(from UK)
Around North Lake /150km/Private/13pax Inbound tour(from Hong Kong)
Around Lake Biwa/200km/ Travel Agency/32pax Inbound tour(from Taiwan)
Others tour dates are here

We arrange large-lot lending for a big group

We can provide bikes for customers of a large group to cycle Biwaichi or others. Some companies use this service for their new employee training, and some schools do it for outdoor activity.


Our Maibara store is located at JR Maibara station! It’s very easily accessible for those from outside of Shiga (Maibara station is the only station at which the Shinkansen stops in Shiga).
The Maibara store is also equipped with showers, and has all the information you need about cycling in Shiga!

JR Maibara station East gate 1F ( in front of departure gate of Ohmi Railway )
IRREGULAR & Winter Season(Mid-December through Mid-February)

※Other temporary closures may occur. We will inform you on the “new arrival information” on the homepage of our website and facebook page at any time. Please check it out!

Car Parking
Coin parking lots are available at JR Maibara station.

  • ■Address
    JR Maibara station East gate 1F
    413-1, Maibara
    Maibara City, Shiga 521-0012