Information about Promotion for People in Shiga

Thank you for your supporting always.

If you live in Shiga, we have a good information.
Shiga local government announced “Promotion service for people living in Shiga” and it started from June 1st.
We decided to join the local promotion so that our guests who are living in Shiga can use it.
Please note that the promotion is valid until the end of July.

Q. Are you living in Shiga? (Please show us your residence card.)
Q. Are you going to use our rental bike by the end of July?

 →If your answer YES! for both Q., you can use our bike 50 % OFF the regular rental fee!

Please let us know that you live in Shiga when making a reservation. We will prepare the application sheet for you.

It’s a big chance to try BIWAICHI if you have not done it ever.
Of course you can cycle anywhere else than lakeshore or just cycle around in a day. There’re a lot of places to explore!

During that “Stay Home” period, any activities had been limited so that many people couldn’t do enough exercise then been feeling stressed out. Now the restrictions are relieved and it’s the time to enjoy outdoors. So this promotion has been set to help those people.

Have a good cycling!

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