The Rainy Season Promotion 2018 Now !

The rainy season promotion will come again this year!

We have provided this unique promotion in the last rainy season and users had fun and got excited with rolling a dice.

Because of the rainy season,we would like you to have fun,even just a little bit,before starting to ride in rainy or cloudy weather.

Let’s enjoy!

★ This promotion period is only from June 4 to July 6 ★


Special 1: Gift present or free option service !

●Let’s roll the dice !

➡You will get one of six services or gifts ! We prepare one service or gift per one number of the dice.


Special 2: Fender for free !

●Usually our rental bikes don’t have fender.

➡When you use our rental bike and it’s rainy,we attach a fender to your bike for free.


Special 3: Cancellation fee becomes free when it rains.

➡Only during this promotion,the cancellation becomes free only when the reason is the rainy weather.


⇩The view of plum blossoms algae blooming in Jizogawa river,that is flowing in Samegai Town,where is 5 kilometers to the east of Maibara station.

⇩So pretty flowers in clear water.You can see them only in summer season.
    About the flower ➡
    About the blooming forecast ➡

⇩A good spot visiting by bicycle

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