【Important】The heavy rain damaged to the road-a part of BIWAICHI route-

Allow me to notify you of the latest information and additional information.<July 9,2018>

Thank you for using always.

First of all, we would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy to the victims of the heavy rain.

In Shiga prefecture,this heavy rain has made the local rivers swell and put the houses in the area at risk of flooding.
Moreover,a part of the BIWAICHI route was damaged,announced as follows;

 ➡The roadblock was removed on July 7 6:30 pm.

【Closed section】
  National Route 8 between “Shiotsu”Traffic and The south exit of Shizugadake Tunnel
(the distance is Approx. 5.0km)

【Release Schedule】 Undecided

Landslides was caused on Shiga Prefectural Route 514(Oto – Hannoura),and that may caused sediment runoff on National Route 8,therefore,the section has been closed.

So,people cannot go through this area by cars and bicycles.Can not BIWAICHI.

It is very regrettable but people cannot enjoy cycling without safety.

Except the above road,there are some road shut off by heavy rain in Shiga. So please confirm carefully the road condition on the link as below.

・Road Map Shiga➡ 

・the Meteorological Agency/Weather warning/Shiga➡

We hope you will understand.

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