台風21号接近による臨時休業のお知らせ/Temporarily closed due to Typhoon JEBI approaching




Thank you for using always.

A large typhoon “JEBI” is coming.
According the weather forecast,Kansai region,including Shiga prefecture,will hit by JEBI tomorrow.
We decided to close our shop,Maibara Rental Cycle,tomorrow on September 3rd temporarily.We close our shop for two days because this Wednesday(September 4th)is regular day off as we announced before.

Thank you for your understanding.

★It is predicted that there will be some damage to the road in Shiga prefecture from the typhoon.
Please catch the latest information.

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The Rainy Season Promotion 2018 Now !

The rainy season promotion will come again this year!

We have provided this unique promotion in the last rainy season and users had fun and got excited with rolling a dice.

Because of the rainy season,we would like you to have fun,even just a little bit,before starting to ride in rainy or cloudy weather.

Let’s enjoy!

★ This promotion period is only from June 4 to July 6 ★


Special 1: Gift present or free option service !

●Let’s roll the dice !

➡You will get one of six services or gifts ! We prepare one service or gift per one number of the dice.


Special 2: Fender for free !

●Usually our rental bikes don’t have fender.

➡When you use our rental bike and it’s rainy,we attach a fender to your bike for free.


Special 3: Cancellation fee becomes free when it rains.

➡Only during this promotion,the cancellation becomes free only when the reason is the rainy weather.


⇩The view of plum blossoms algae blooming in Jizogawa river,that is flowing in Samegai Town,where is 5 kilometers to the east of Maibara station.

⇩So pretty flowers in clear water.You can see them only in summer season.
    About the flower ➡
    About the blooming forecast ➡

⇩A good spot visiting by bicycle

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Information of our shop’s holidays from August to December

Thank you very much for using BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE.
We have an information of the days that our rental bike shop is closed from August to December.
So please check the days as follows and make a reservation.
You can make a reservation of the rental period that is more than 3 days including the holiday, that is you will pick up a bike the day before the holiday and return it the day after the holiday.(ex.It’s OK that the rental period is from September 4 to September 6.)
We are afraid that the schedule might be changed. Then we will inform about it you here as soon as we decide.

Yours very sincerely

(From August to December)
○August open everyday this month,7 days a week ☆it’s summer vacation ☆
○September 5(Wed),12(Wed)
○October 3(Wed),17(Wed),31(Wed)
○November 1(Wed),28(Wed)
○December 10(Mon)~closed for winter

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Information about rental fee over Obon holidays period

Thank you for using always.

This is an information of rental fee over Obon holidays period.
We’re afraid that we would apply the weekend price during the following days because of high season,although these days are weekday.


★ August 13(Mon),14(Tue),15(Wed),16(Thu),17(Fri) ➡Weekend Price ★

We hope you understand.

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