【NOTE】Information of the partial changes in fees

Thank you for using our service always.

We would like to inform you of the partial changes in fees for rental bicycle service for the coming season.

➡ BASIC FEE + 500 YEN ★

If you try to use without reservation or make a reservation on the same day,
you need to pay extra 500 yen addition to the basic rental fee.

Even if you want, depending on the loan situation, it may be impossible to rent a bicycle.

Our rental bicycle service is on a reserved basis.
Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards.

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Information of the days our shop is closed(From February to July)

Thank you very much for using BIWAICHI RENTAL CYCLE.

We have an information of the days that our rental bike shop is closed.

So please check the days as follows and make a reservation.
You can make a reservation of the rental period that is more than 3 days including the holiday, that is you will pick up a bike the day before the holiday and return it the day after the holiday.(ex.It’s OK that the rental period is from May 21 to May 23.)
We are afraid that the schedule might be changed. Then we will inform about it you here as soon as we decide.

Yours very sincerely

(From February to July)
○February 27(Wed)
○March 6(Wed)
○April 10(Wed),17(Wed),24(Wed)
○May 7(Tue),8(Wed),22(Wed),29(Wed)
○June 5(Wed),12(Wed),19(Wed),26(Wed)
○July 3(Wed),10(Wed)

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Information about rental fee over Obon holidays period

Thank you for using always.

This is an information of rental fee over Obon holidays period.
We’re afraid that we would apply the weekend price during the following days because of high season,although these days are weekday.


★ August 13(Mon),14(Tue),15(Wed),16(Thu),17(Fri) ➡Weekend Price ★

We hope you understand.

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