Bike Availability during Golden Week【April 27-May 3/FULL】

Thank you for using our shop always.

This is an announcement of rental bicycles availability during this Golden Week.

The following days are already full as of today.

★ April 27(Sat),28(Sun),29(Mon),30(Tue)& May 1(Wed),2(Thu),3(Fri)➡ NOT AVAILABLE ★

Except of these above days, you could make a reservation, but the available bikes are a few now, and the reception in the morning on May 4 and 5 are already full.

Please check the calendar about availability information on TOP page.

The availability may be changed due to the weather and some cancellation.
So please call us or ask us via email for more information.

During the golden week, it will be hard for us to get in touch with customers via phone and email, because we’re busy then to take care of customers who would rent our bikes and start to cycle.

Thank you for your understanding.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

カテゴリー:お知らせ, ニュース, ビワイチ, びわこ一周レンタサイクルについて, レンタサイクル, レンタサイクルについて, 車体について
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Bicycle return option is not available during GW[April/25/2019-May/8/2019]


Thank you for using our service always.


We’re sorry but you cannot use Bicycle Return Options during around Golden Week.

Because it’s the highest season and there will be a lot of use, we have to rent as many bikes as possible to users.


★Around GW from April 25(Thu)to May 8(Wed)★
➡ “Bicycle Return Options” NOT AVAILABLE


I hope you will understand.


カテゴリー:イベント, お知らせ, ニュース, びわこ一周レンタサイクルについて, レンタサイクル, レンタサイクルについて, レンタル方法
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カレンダーを新設しました!/Shop Calendar is set up!





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Thank you for using us always.

We set up a new shop calendar on the top of our website!

You can check our closed days and availability of bikes obviously.
It would help you make a plan for cycling. Please check it out.

Have a good ride plan!

カテゴリー:お知らせ, ニュース, びわこ一周レンタサイクルについて, レンタサイクル, レンタル方法, 定休日
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Information about a road closed in the winter

Thank you for using as always.

This is an information about some roads closed in the winter, where are a part of BIWAICHI route.
All of the following roads are in the northern area of Lake Biwa.

●Old Shizugadake Tunnel (the route from Hannoura”飯浦” to Oto”大音”)
Period【December 1st(Sat)in 2018 ~ March 22(Fri) in 2019(※the end date might be changed up to the condition)】

⇒During this period, you should go through the Shizugadake Tunnel on the national route 8, instead of the Old Shizugadake Tunnel.

⇩There are two signboards at the Oto traffic lights and the route during the winter is the right one. Go left along the route 8.

●Kaizu-Osaki(the route from Nishiazai”西浅井”to Makino”マキノ”)
Period【September 9th(Mon) in 2018 ~ February 28(Thu) in 2019】

⇒During this period, you should go through the Oku-Biwa Tunnel on the national route 303, instead of Kaizu-Osaki.

⇩Check the route at the Ouraguchi traffic lights. Go straight along the route 303 till the Oku-Biwa Tunnel on weekdays. Turn left to Kaizuosaki following the blue arrows on weekends.

The additional information is below. The Oku-Biwako parkway is the one-way road from west side and has many hills, so most of cyclists pass the parkway by going through the Yanokuma Tunnel.

●Oku-Biwako Parkway(the route from Tsuzuraozaki”葛籠尾崎” to Kaizu”塩津”)
 ➡Sugaura Gate 〜 Observatory(The west side of the Tsuzuraozaki cape)
 Until December 9th(Sun), it’s possible to go.
 Period【December 10th(Mon)in 2018 ~ March 29(Fri)in 2019(※the end date might be changed up to the condition)】

 ➡Observatory 〜 Yanokuma(The east side of the Tsuzuraozaki cape)
 ★CLOSED due to the disaster★

カテゴリー:イベント, お知らせ, ニュース, ビワイチ, びわこ一周(ビワイチ)について
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Information about rental fee over Obon holidays period

Thank you for using always.

This is an information of rental fee over Obon holidays period.
We’re afraid that we would apply the weekend price during the following days because of high season,although these days are weekday.


★ August 13(Mon),14(Tue),15(Wed),16(Thu),17(Fri) ➡Weekend Price ★

We hope you understand.

カテゴリー:イベント, お知らせ, ニュース, ビワイチ, びわこ一周レンタサイクルについて, レンタサイクル, レンタルストア, レンタル料金, レンタル方法
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