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Groups consisting of riders under 20 years of age require a letter of permission from a guardian to use our services.Please download and complete the form using the icon below, and submit it to the receptionist upon arrival.

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Read the regulations listed below before making your reservation, and check [Agree] (Required)

This agreement shall be applied to customers who use the rental bikes of Biwako Isshu Rental Cycle (hereinafter referred to as "The Store") operated by NPO Gokanseikatsu (hereinafter referred to as "The Organization"). Matters that are not stipulated in this contract shall be based on laws or ordinary customs.

Article 1 (Purpose)
Through the use of this store, this organization aims to enhance the sports cycle lifestyle of customers and contribute to the popularity of sports cycle culture.

Article 2 (Eligibility for use)
Bicycles can only be rented to those who conform to all of the following items.
(1) Those who agree with the purpose of the organization and whom are able to observe these rules and other traffic rules.
(2) Those who have telephone numbers that can be contacted from the organization and store.
(3) Persons who are able to present an identification card on the rental date to the store staff.
(4) Healthy people who can endure the use of the sports cycles.
(5) Those who do not consume alcohol.
(6) If you are under 20 years of age, those who have parental authority or those over the age of 20 (hereinafter referred to as "parents") must be present during the loan period. Furthermore, if they are unable to join, a letter of consent is required with their signature. Parents shall bear the liability jointly with the principal under this agreement.
(7) Those who do not have arrears or unpaid debts of rental cycle expenses in the past.
(8) Others whom the store has judged are suitable candidates for cycling.
(9) It is impossible to rent to only elementary and junior high school students.

Article 3 (Reservations)
1. The customer can make advance reservations via reservation form or telephone to the store by 17:00 the day prior to the loan request date.
2. When making a reservation, please include the user's name, age, height, telephone number, type of rental cycle (cross bike or road bike), and the rental return desired date and time.
3. Depending on the loan situation, you may not be able to rent the model you want.
4. Reservations made via reservation form will be considered complete upon customer's response to the confirmation email sent by store staff. Please note that customers who do not respond cannot rent bicycles from the store.
5. Please be sure to enter the email address that we will contact in the reservation form. If you have not received an automatic reply mail or reservation details confirmation email from the store staff, please contact us by phone etc. Please set the mobile phone's email address settings so that PC mail can be received. We can not respond to troubles due to incorrect reception settings or emails.
6. Loans without reservations are possible, but preparation time (30 minutes to 1 hour) will be charged before lending. We will give priority to customers who make advance reservations.
7. On the day of the loan date, if you are likely to be late for the appointed time, please call the store before the reservation time. Please consider the time required for the procedures specified in Article 6.

Article 4 (Change in reservation)
1. The customer can change the reservation by contacting the store by telephone or email.
2. When changing reservations, please inform the store of the type and number of bicycles to be rented, the desired date of loan request, and the date of return request.
3. Depending on the loan situation, reservation changes may not be accepted.
4. With respect to booking changes after 17:00 on the last day of the cancellation period, pay the cancellation fee specified in Article 5.
5. Reservation changes will be canceled once and will be renewed once again.

Article 5 (Cancellation of reservation)
1. The customer can cancel the reservation by contacting the store by telephone or e-mail.
2. Cancellation will be considered complete when the customer receives a reply of cancellation acceptance by store staff. Please be mindful of this.
3. If there is no prior notification, the reservation will be cancelled after one hour of the scheduled rental if the customer does not show up.
4. A cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellations made after 17:00 the day prior to reservation.
(1) Cancellations from 17:00 two days prior to the scheduled reservation to 17:00 the day prior, will be charged a cancellation fee for all days scheduled as determined by the group.
(2) Cancellation after 17:00 on the previous day including automatic cancellation will be charged 100% of the rental fee for all days scheduled.

Article 6 (Application procedure)
The application procedure is as follows.
(1) Confirm with the store staff regarding the notes and loan contents stipulated in the rental cycle application form "Consent for Biwako Isshu Rental Cycle".
(2) Fill in the required items.
(3) Check with the store staff the condition of the bicycle main body, standard equipment and optional parts (hereinafter referred to as "lending commodities").
(4) We will settle the loan fee. Loan rates shall be as set forth separately by the organization and shall be settled in prepayment in principle.
(5) The store staff will give instructions on the items to be rented.
(6) The store staff will adjust the bicycle body according to the customer.
(7) The customer and store staff will confirm that there are no maintenance defects in the loaned product etc.
(8) The store staff releases the lending item to the customer.

Article 7 (Returning Lending Items)
1. Customer should return the lending item to the store by the specified return time.
2. If returned earlier than expected return date, we will treat the remaining days as "cancellation of reservation". Cancellation charges will also occur as in Article 5.
3. Please return the lending item in the same condition as when lent. In case of abnormality or breakdown, please inform the store staff promptly.

Article 8 (Establishment of Rental Agreement)
1. The loan agreement for lending commodities is established when the store receives the loan fee and releases the lending item to the customer.
2. In the event that the organization or the store are unable to accommodate the group due to bicycle theft or other unforeseen circumstances, we may need to cancel the reservation of customer.

Article 9 (Invalidity of Application for Use)
The following actions can invalidate applications from customers without requesting any notice and can request the return of lending items immediately when the customer falls under any of the following items during the loan period. In this case, the loan fee received by the store in Article 6 will not be returned at all.
(1) When conducting an action contrary to these Terms of Use.
(2) When accidents are caused by reasons attributable to customer’s negligence.
(3) When it ceases to fall under Article 2.

Article 10 (Overdue Loan Period)
1. If you expect you will be unable to return your rental in time, please contact the store promptly.
2. In the event a rental is returned past the agreed return time, the customer shall pay the excess fee specified separately by the organization.
3. If damages are given to third parties, such as failure of the next applicant due to delayed return, we shall indemnify the damage.
4. If the scheduled return time has passed and the customer has neither contacted the store or returned their rental, we may confirm the negligence by telephone, postal mail, email etc. Even if there is no confirmation, additional charges will be incurred according to this agreement.

Article 11 (Usage of in-store facilities)
1. For each facility in the store, please exercise proper manners and proper use.
2. Please utilize the handwashing space cleanly. Please put garbage in the garbage box installed in each facility or notify the staff to assist you.
3. If you have forgotten any personal belongings, please contact the store staff. Forgotten items that can be stored are kept for two months by the store. However, items such as dirty clothing can be discarded at the discretion of the organization. Disposal costs will be borne by the customer, and no dispute appeal after disposition will be accepted whatsoever.
4. You are responsible for your belongings. If a theft occurs, the store will not be responsible whatsoever.
5. You can not use the store past the regular business hours whatsoever.

Article 12 (Breakdown / Damage)
1. In case of broken or damaged items, please immediately halt their use and contact the store.
2. In the event of a punctured tire, customers who rented a repair kit from the store can use the kit to repair the puncture. If you do not know the proper repair method, please contact the store.
Even if you repair at a bicycle store other than this organization, please contact the store.
3. We will charge the amount of damages for damages or breakage of the lending item due to reasons attributable to the customer.

Article 13 (theft / loss)
1. If the lent item is stolen or lost, please contact the store promptly.
2. If the lending item is stolen or lost due to reasons attributable to the customer, we will charge the amount of damages to the customer.

Article 14 (Accidents)
1. If you have an accident during the loan period, please contact the store promptly.
2. If necessary, please take measures taken by the law, such as contacting the police, on your own.
3. If the customer causes damages to the store or a third party due to reasons attributable to the customer's negligence, the customer shall indemnify it.
4. Compensation will be made within the compensation range of the TS coverage insurance.
5. If you need a settlement regarding the accident, you are responsible for your own actions. The organization and the store are not responsible for accidents at all.

Article 15 (Prohibited Acts)
Customers should not engage in the acts specified below during the loan period.
(1) Acts including reckless driving, drunk driving, and other acts in violation of traffic rules.
(2) Use of rented items in hazardous and/or improper locations, using improper methods.
(3) Acts that would cause obstructions such as inhibiting pedestrian traffic.
(4) Modification and alteration of the structure, equipment, etc. of the loaned commodity.
(5) Unauthorized extension of loan time.
(6) Night riding from sunset to sunrise.
(7) Riding off designated roads into areas such as lakeshores, forests, and riverbeds.
(8) Allowing other persons to use rented items other than the person described in the contract.
(9) Other acts contrary to laws and regulations.

Article 16 (Termination Due to Force Majeure Reasons)
The loan agreement will be terminated if the loaned product becomes unusable due to reasons of force majeure not attributable to natural disasters or other organizations, shops, or customer's negligence during the loan period. In this case, the customer shall promptly notify the store to that effect, and agree in advance that the loan charge will not be refunded.

Article 17 (Good Faith Principle)
If any doubt arises in the contents of this agreement, or when any matter not stated in this agreement arises, we will consult with customers, organization and store in good faith and make efforts to resolve them.

Article 18 (Court of Competent Jurisdiction)
When a dispute arises regarding the rights and obligations under this Agreement, the Otsu District Court shall make an agreement.



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